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The guy in my office knows something I don't. But he doesn't have a blog ;)

Okay; Both me and my business partner Jay are in a competition against the two other guys in my office. The competition is to set up two opposing companies each and see who can make the most profit in a given timeframe (and I'm speaking of single-to-double figure pounds here, not hundreds or thousands - to be honest I reckon the winner will be the one to break even).

Anyway we're both building websites for our new businesses (I'll post links here later), but one of the enemy has built into his site a feature which has really impressed me - and won't tell me how it's done. Here's what happens:

  1. User enters his/her telephone number and clicks a button on the website.
  2. Website contact 3rd party provider via HTTP POST, passing telephone number and short message.
  3. 3rd party provider calls user's landline or mobile telephone delivering the message in an automated voice.

Problem is the guy in my office refuses to tell me who the 3rd party provider is - and I cannot find another.

I wouldn't be all that fussed except that I can see this system being of use in an upcoming future project. I've searched the internet high and low and this website is the closest I can find. It uses SMS, but I'm not convinced that this is the correct method as you're ultimately relying on landline recipients possessing a text-compatible phone, or using line providers such as BT who have text-to-voice translators. I think there's got to be a dedicated provider for this service, though I would be happy to settle for the latter if it turns out there isn't one.

Anyhow I just thought I'd open it up. If anyone can point me in the direction of a website they think could help, or give any advice then I'd be greatly appreciative. Cheers all :)

Dated: 08/06/2007.


On 9th June 2007 James Mulvany said:
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It remains a secret ;-)
On 10th June 2007 Damien said:
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Oh this is old...

i believe that's what you're talking about.

On 10th June 2007 Steve Tucker said:
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@James: You bastard! You're gonna pay, mark my words! ;)

@Damien: Cheers mate, this looks absolutely perfect - I'll give it a look over! :D
On 11th June 2007 Pascal Renet said:
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Looks promising Steve and I can't wait for you to post the links to the new websites.
On 12th June 2007 P.J. Onori said:
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Oh man, I can't wait to see the new site - it will no doubt rock the house.

Best of lunch on your endeavor, I have no doubt you'll do great.

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