innerXHTML v0.4 Released

It's been, like, 11 days since I made my last entry here, but it feels like much longer. Oh so much stuff to do, and so little time - you know how it is :)

Anyway, if you happen to be interested in DOM scripting then you may be interested to know that I've release v0.4 of the innerXHTML tool, which comes with couple of new little time-saving features, and a workaround to a bug processing 'on' events in Internet Explorer (surprise, surprise). Feel free to read the release notes, particularly the new bit, and take a copy for yourself to love and cherish.

In the meantime I plan to write again on here very shortly (like, in the next couple of days or so), and to those whose blogs I read on a regular basis I'll be back to my old tricks (leaving you naff comments, etc) very soon ;)


Dated: 21/03/2007. Filed under: Web Design.


On 22nd March 2007 Dustin said:
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While this is all way over my head, good to see a new post from you :)
On 22nd March 2007 P.J. Onori said:
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Sweet man - nice work! I honestly do not know how you find the time to do all this work...

Hope to see you blogging some more once you have the time!

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