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Steve Tucker is a website designer living and working in the rural town of Huddersfield, England.

I'm Steve Tucker; a 23 year-old web developer living and working in Huddersfield, England.

I play guitar in a band and as a career I regularly practice PHP, CSS, XHTML to web standards, Javascript and elegant DOM manipulation. I love my job, various music (Im particularly fond of Led Zeppelin) my guitar and pint of real ale!

I've been developing websites seriously since the summer of 2000 and have never received a day's training in my life - the latter of which I initially regretted but am now rather proud of. I work to W3C web standards, XHTML Strict whenever I can, and enjoy the satisfaction I get from the work I do immensely.

My day job is that of a web developer. I run the Huddersfield design firm EyePlot Digital with a mate called Jay Hands, who is also a member of GAWDs. Occasionally I write for .net magazine and review sites on StyleGala.

My favourite colour is red, my favourite number is eight. I love sports and creative passtimes. I rarely watch TV but love a good movie. My biggest risk of repetitive strain disorder is checking my email and my biggest gripe is without a doubt spam.

Drink wise I love coffee (dacaff, of late) and my top dish is Indian curry. I'm not a cook but can make a mean Pot Noodle, and someday soon I plan to buy a dishwasher.

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